Virtual Design & Construction

No matter how big or small a building project or development is, one of the critical measures of success is how seamlessly the build comes together from design through to construction.

Using Virtual Design with a software application like BIM has significant benefits for clients as it allows construction issues to be identified and resolved before works even commence on site. This ultimately saves building owners and developers time and money on their projects through the minimisation of risk and error.

Some of the risks that are minimised through the use of virtual design on building projects includes:

  • Lack of communication between architects and designers.
  • Receiving poor consultancy advice that has significant implications during construction –such as undersized plant and equipment rooms/enclosures.
  • Ensuring that there is sufficient clearance space for access and maintenance.
  • Visualisation of the final product.
  • Poor coordination between services and structure.
  • Design rework.
  • Construction risk from unbuildable designs.
  • The disconnect between designers and contractors leading to the duplication of work or even redesign.
Our Virtual Design & Construction services

AT DMA, our Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) Centre is made up of leads from each of our electrical, mechanical, hydraulics and fire service design teams.

Our team are fully BIM (Building Information Modelling) enabled and can model all services designs in 3D and coordinate with other services before works start on site. The 3D model also enables the contractor and builder to validate the installation on site, reducing RFI’s and variations. Our 3D models can be intelligently linked to time constraints (4D), procurement (5D) and lifecycle costs (6D) for the project to ensure that it is delivered on time and budget.

The range of virtual design & construction services we deliver includes:

  • Modelling of Mechanical, Electrical, Fire and Hydraulic Services in Revit.
  • Navisworks and IFC based information exchange.
  • Conversion of Cloud Point/Laser Scans to Revit services models.
  • BIM execution plans.
  • Clash detection & construction issue resolution.
  • Integration of building and construction information into the 3D Model.
  • BIM Management of services design.
Our Virtual Design Centre team
Senior Mechanical Engineer / VDC Manager
The industries we specialise in
Our VDC team have extensive experience working on projects in a variety of sectors, but some of the particular industries we specialise in include health care and hospitals, aged care, retail and shopping centres, commercial, education and high-rise developments.


If you would like to find out more about how to use Virtual Design & Construction to reduce construction risk, improve buildability and deliver your next services project on budgetplease contact Doug Higginson on or call +61 7 3839 3050