We always strive to create inner beauty.
At DMA, we think it’s the things you don’t see that matter.

At DMA, we think it’s the things you don’t see that matter.

Like the inner workings of an office building, the lighting at your favourite art gallery, the air conditioning that helps keep you comfortable when you go to hospital, or the plumbing at your local shopping centre. This inner beauty is what keeps our communities, homes and workplaces ticking, and helps our days go more smoothly.

This is what our team of mechanical, electrical, fire, hydraulic and vertical transport engineers work to create every day. From Townsville Hospital and Springfield Town Centre, to Brisbane’s Queens Plaza and the Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence, we’ve been creating inner beauty in Queensland and across Australia for more than 40 years. Since our beginnings in 1973 as DS Thomas Consulting Engineers with Doug Middleton at the helm, our team and our name may have changed but our commitment to delivery, reliability and finding new ideas to solve old problems remains the same.

It’s a commitment we share with our clients – clients who trust us to help them optimise the usability and efficiency of their buildings. Clients who, like us, are part of the cities and communities that need us to make things work beautifully, too.

Which is why at DMA Engineers we always strive to create inner beauty.

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