Longevity by Design Senior Living Innovation

Longevity by Design is an industry-wide charrette co-founded by DMA Engineers and The University of Queensland’s Healthy Ageing Initiative to challenge the future of senior living design.

The inaugural 2020 event was facilitated by Dr Rosemary Kennedy from SubTropical Cities. 121 people from more than 60 built environment organisations, health practitioners, academics and other industry bodies came together on 6 February 2020 to develop ideas for the future of seniors living in the Redlands. They had a choice of three sites to work on – Victoria Point, Mt Cotton and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands – where they were challenged to create visionary, innovative and highly connected design to meet the needs of future seniors in 2050.

To see some of the highlights of the charrette and pitching breakfast, check out the short video below.


Following the charrette, the teams returned three weeks later to pitch their ideas to a panel of industry and government experts including:

Marcus Riley: CEO, Ballycara

Jason Eldering: CEO, Southern Cross Care Queensland

Andrew Chesterman: CEO, Redland City Council

Dr Scott Bourke: Director, Innovation & City Transformation, Logan City Council

Dyan Currie: Chief Planner, Brisbane City Council

James Mantis: General Manager – Property Development & Asset Management, Bolton Clarke

Lauren Ffrost: General Manager, South Melbourne Communities, Australian Unity.

Longevity by Design judging panel

Thanks to our event partners Redland City Council and Paynters for their support of Longevity by Design 2020. If you’d like to speak to us about getting involved in Longevity by Design 2021, or if you have a media enquiry, please contact Kathryn Koch.