Vertical Transportation

As buildings get larger and more complex, people movement and flow becomes increasingly important. Lifts, escalators and travellators need to be fast and efficient but also aesthetically pleasing, promoting ease of access and reducing travel time for busy patrons.

Poorly designed vertical transportation systems create frustration and annoyance for patrons. Choosing the right size or type of system greatly improves access into and out of the building, and also creates an inviting entry, becoming part of the unique experience of the building.

Our Vertical Transport Design Services

At DMA Engineers, we can provide the advice and knowledge to help choose the right vertical transportation solution for your building, including:

  • Passenger lifts & hoists
  • Goods lifts & hoists
  • Escalators
  • Travelators

From conceptual design of the building to construction level detail, our design services include:

  • Traffic studies (e.g. to determine the optimum if single or double lift configuration).
  • Spatial requirements such as lift shaft sizing, escalator and travelator criteria including well/pit sizing, widths etc.
  • Performance briefs/specifications.
  • NCC/BCA compliance items such as stretcher and emergency lift requirements.
  • DDA compliance (handrails, car/track sizing and control panel placement).
  • Interior finish recommendations.
  • Control panel, Landing panel arrangement.
  • Security access and control, CCTV monitoring or other requirements as needed.
Being able to find the right vertical transportation solution for your building, whether it’s a residential apartment, retail shopping centre or commercial office, is an important yet often overlooked aspect of building design.
The industries we specialise in
Our Vertical Transport team works across most sectors, but we do specialise in residential apartments, retail shopping centres, commercial office buildings and industrial type applications, such as goods lifts for supermarkets, platform lifts for low-rise or small building applications, aged care facilities or hospital buildings.


If you would like to find out more about the right vertical transport solution for your building or refurbishment, or if you’re interested in hearing about new, innovative technologies for your lifts, contact the team on or call (07) 3839 3050.