19 Bothwell Street, Mt Gravatt

The southside Brisbane suburb of Mt Gravatt is undergoing a period of gentrification, with a change in the types of buildings being constructed. A place that was once quite industrial is transforming into a suburb featuring beautiful renovations and brand-new homes and apartments, which is attracting young professionals and working families into the area. The Bothwell Street apartment block required an efficient and visually pleasing design that would match the changing architectural landscape and potentially attract first home buyers to the area.
Developing a medium density precinct: converting light industry to residential

DMA was engaged to complete the mechanical, vertical transport, electrical and hydraulic design on the project.

The mechanical design included apartment ventilation in addition to a well-designed and efficient air conditioning system. We were also tasked with providing ventilation and fresh air in the car park and communal areas. All the mechanical designs were coordinated to fit within certain spaces and areas to minimise their physical footprint and therefore maximise the livable space available in the apartments. This was illustrated no better than the design of the lift. This utilised the space effectively by seamlessly slotting into the building fabric and contributing to creating inner beauty within the apartments.

Securing reliable power supply

DMA’s electrical design included coordinating with the relevant authorities, Telstra and Energex, regarding supply, safety and maintaining compliance. This was first evident with designing the communications supply, where we needed to plan out details such as the number of data outlets to any communications rack.  We calculated the size of site power supply and recommend where the supply on site would be located, selecting an unobtrusive position that would be accessible for Energex at any given time. The electrical design had lightning protection and a backup generator to provide uninterrupted power supply in the event of a blackout, ensuring a reliable supply which would appeal to future residents.

Lighting design and safety

DMA designed the lighting for each apartment and all the communal areas. Additionally, to ensure the building was safe in the event of an emergency, we designed and installed:

  • Emergency and exit lights,
  • Fire detection equipment
  • A security and access control system which included facility access and intercoms.

An essential part of a building, which is often not thought about is the hydraulic services. We were responsible for designing:

  • Water supply, reticulation and metering installation
  • The sanitary plumbing and waste services through the apartments and building
  • Gas supply and reticulation to the residence.

We worked with the client to design quality and valuable apartments, effectively taking into consideration all the vital services that make an apartment livable, safe and comfortable for its future residents. But just as importantly, we took the visual aspects of the design into account every step of the way to ensure all works were installed tastefully and did not detract from the appeal of the building. The result was a high-quality apartment block which will appeal to buyers and renters well into the future.


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