Re-imagining aged care in a post-pandemic era

Make Progress with DMA Engineers

At DMA Engineers, we partner with our clients to make progress, delivering the buildings and infrastructure that keep our cities running and help our days go more smoothly.

Whether it’s the inner workings of an office building, the lighting at your favourite art gallery, the air conditioning that helps keep you comfortable when you go to hospital, or the plumbing at your local shopping centre. Services that are often invisible, but always valued, just like our clients value what responsive, helpful, accurate and cost aware teammates we are.

Our team of mechanical, electrical, fire protection, fire safety, hydraulic and vertical transport engineers are ready to help you progress your projects across Queensland, and Australia.

Clients we work with
At DMA we work with clients across a range of industries including health care, aged care, retail and shopping centres, residential developments, commercial and industrial.
Here is a sample of some clients we have recently created inner beauty with.

Have your company water bills increased? It might be time to get your water meter audited.

In 2021, Urban Utilities and the City of Gold Coast introduced new ‘Simpler Pricing’ models* for water and sewerage meter services for their non-residential customer. They stated that their reason for this was to make pricing ‘more equitable, more consistently applied and aligned to a user pays principle’. However, as a result of the new…

We’re delivering some magical brewery hydraulic design!

Something Magic is brewing in East Brisbane! It doesn’t look like much now, but this East Brisbane location will be transformed into the home of Brisbane’s newest brewing company, Future Magic. Dean Carter and our hydraulic team will be designing the hydraulic services for the brew house, working with the founders Sean & Rhys to…

Feels like home: Re-imagining aged care in a post pandemic era

Ways of designing aged care that feels like home and can better meet people’s needs in a future pandemic was the challenge set to designers, innovators, planners and progressive providers that gathered together to rethink the future of residential aged care as part of the Longevity by Design charrette, hosted by The University of Queensland…

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