Destination Gold Coast Tower 2

The Destination Gold Coast Tower 2 development in Broadbeach combines a 5-star hotel with luxury apartments over 63 storeys.
The Destination Gold Coast Consortium Towers 1 & 2 are luxury hotel and residential apartments at Broadbeach that form part of the Star Casino precinct.

After undertaking a peer review role for Tower 1, DMA Engineers was subsequently engaged by Destination Gold Coast & Multiplex to provide mechanical, electrical and fire protection design services for Tower 2

The Tower 2 development expands on the master plan for this world-class tourism development in the Star Casino precinct at Broadbeach. The key project vision for Destination Gold Coast is to design and build a private and public destination experience of choice, complimenting the casino’s offerings. Overall, the master plan for the precinct features a total of five major high-rise buildings.

When completed, Tower 2 will host an international 5-star hotel brand including 210 hotel rooms, luxury amenities and 457 contemporary apartments that will form part of The Star Residences.

DMA provided design services starting from schematic design through to 80% design development for the five-star luxury project. The project presented several design challenges for our design team as the new tower had to be integrated into the existing podium levels and site wide services networks.

A fit for purpose design

We were responsible for the mechanical, electrical and fire protection services D&C design. Our scope included:


  • Hotel air conditioning systems including integration to the site wide chilled water and condenser water systems.
  • Ventilation systems, including integration of the exiting podium level carpark levels, plant room and amenities ventilation systems.
  • Smoke hazard management systems including stairwell pressurisation systems.
  • Building management system (BMS).
  • Infrastructure allowances for future retail tenancies.


  • Integration into the site wide private HV network.
  • Main switchboards and electrical reticulation design.
  • Lighting and power services design.
  • Electronic security systems design.
  • Hotel & Residential ICT design.
  • Lightning protection design.

Fire Protection:

  • Fire sprinkler, hydrant and hose reel systems.
  • Fire detection systems including integration to the site wide system and response strategy.
Engineering services from design through to construction

During the services design for Tower 2 we were engaged by DGCC in early 2020 to undertake the peer review of Tower 1 which entailed reviewing design documentation, shop drawings, other contractor submissions, and conducting site inspections during construction phase.

Following the completion of the services design, we were engaged both by DGCC and the builder Multiplex to undertake the peer review, covering review of 100% design development as well as provision of construction support services for Tower 2.

Destination Gold Coast Tower 2 will open in early 2024.

Client: Destination Gold Coast Consortium & Brookfield Multiplex
Location: Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD
Sector: Residential, Hospitality & Sports Clubs
Services: Mechanical, Electrical & Fire Protection Services – Design & Construction
Status: In construction
Year completed: 2024

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