Brisbane Montessori School – New Library and Covered Sports Court

The Brisbane Montessori School identified the need for a new library and covered sports court to replace existing facilities that were ageing and not suited to changes in weather conditions.
Brisbane Montessori School Library
Brisbane Montessori School Sports Court

Located in a pre-fab building, the existing library was old and deemed unsuitable for modern learning.  The existing uncovered sports court was often not able to be used by students during the heat of the day or on rainy days. In addition, the parent parking lot was located adjacent to the sports court, and parents were forced to use amenities in the Administration building while awaiting pick up as there were no amenities available at the sports courts.

Together, these issues prompted the desire for more modern and suitable facilities. The project involved the relocation of the existing library building to be repurposed for general learning, the construction of a new library located in the existing library location, and the construction of a new covered sports area with ancillary landscaping works and attached amenities for the use of students and their parents.

Engaged by Case Meallin on behalf of the Brisbane Montessori School, DMA Engineers designed Electrical (including dry fire), Mechanical and Hydraulic (including wet fire) services for the new library, relocated old library, the sports court and new amenities.

As part of this engagement we:

  • Worked with outdated as-built documentation to produce a fully coordinated design.
  • Our mechanical engineering team designed air-conditioning to the library and GLA, and equipping the sports court with Big Ass Fans, and exhaust fans to the amenities.
  • Our hydraulic engineers worked with existing surveys to design hydraulic services to all facilities.
  •  Our electrical engineers scoped the relocation of the school’s main communications rack from the old library to a new location within the main school premises, and evaluated the school’s maximum demand in accommodating increased loads.
  • We also future-proofed the sports court by facilitating the future installation of solar panels to the sports court roof.

Working together with the other project team members we were able to successfully delivery these new learning and recreation environments to serve the school and it’s students for many years to come.

Client: Case Meallin for Montessori School
Location: Fig Tree Pocket, QLD
Sector: Education
Services: Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Protection, Hydraulics.
Photos: Brisbane Montessori School
Year completed: 2019

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