‘Signature on Mitchelton’ Boutique Apartments

The Osborne Road residential development ‘Signature on Mitchelton’ involved the construction of a low-rise multi-residential twin-building with 93 boutique apartments and a general floor area of over 7,500sqm. The development was located within the up and coming Brisbane suburb of Mitchelton, directly across the road from Brookside shopping centre and close to all public transport.
A whole of project services design

DMA Engineers was engaged to provide mechanical, electrical and hydraulics design services for the project. The work scope on the project began from early schematic design documentation and progressed all the way through to post construction building services:

  • Schematic design documentation.
  • Detailed design documentation for building approval.
  • Construction documentation.
  • Services during construction.
  • Practical completion documentation.
Designing an innovative wet stormwater system

Due to the original slope of the site falling away from the street, discharging stormwater to council infrastructure posed a difficult task for services design on the site. To address this, we worked with civil consultants McVeigh Consulting to design a wet stormwater system connecting to the bio retention basins on the property. The outlet from the bio basins were run above ground connecting to the street stormwater infrastructure, while shielding above ground stormwater pipework with landscaping planters. To achieve an effective stormwater solution on this site without the use of pumps was a great result to reduce ongoing maintenance and costs to the building owners.

Delivering a cost effective hot water system

DMA designed electric instantaneous hot water units for each apartment. By isolating hot water to each unit, we were able to help the developer make significant cost savings. These included:

  • Large space savings by not having a central hot water plant allowed for additional apartments.
  • Electric instantaneous units do not require ongoing maintenance as opposed to a large bulk storage hot water plant and reticulated hot water supply.
  • No hot water metering was necessary, saving on ongoing body corporate hot water billing.
  • Major cost and space savings were achieved by avoiding pipework that would have been required for large amounts of reticulated hot water.

DMA’s involvement in the project led to an aesthetic solution to stormwater challenges and major cost savings for water heating, demonstrating how our vast practical experience can deliver significant value for our clients.

Client: Pacific Enterprises

Builder: Rawcorp

Location: Mitchelton, QLD

Sector: Residential

Services: Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic

Status: Completed

Year completed: 2016

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