Energy Efficiency: does your building comply with NCC 2019 Part J?
Energy Efficiency: does your building comply with NCC 2019 Part J?

Did you know that all new developments must now meet the energy efficiency requirements of NCC 2019 Part J?

The aim of NCC is to use less energy for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and other energy-sourcing services used by buildings.

The transition period from NCC 2016 officially expired on 1 May 2020, so all new developments must now be assessed against Part J.

Some of the important energy efficiency requirements of Part J are:
✔️ Lighter roof colours to meet a reduction in roof solar absorbance values in the deemed to satisfy path.
✔️ Combined calculation methodology to determine wall and glazing compliance.
✔️ The performance of artificial lighting.
✔️ Facilities used to monitor energy use.
✔️ Additional compliance paths including Green Star and NABERS verification paths.
✔️ Improved outside air treatment.
✔️ Increased fan efficiency.
✔️ Increased duct work/pipework insulation.
✔️ The inclusion of lift energy limitations.

To comply with the Part J requirements, you’ll need an Energy Efficiency Performance Assessment Report that assesses the building against Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with Shawn Sellick.


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