Allen Potgieter

Year joined DMA: 2011

In my view, it’s not just about coming up with a design solution that works but, rather, about results that add value without costing ‘an arm and a leg’!

My professional background

I have more than 25 years’ experience as a consulting engineer. Having worked in numerous roles including design engineer, lead engineer, independent reviewer, expert witness, strategic or state’s advisor, I am able to consider possibilities from different views. I enjoy projects where unusual solutions are sought.

In my view, it’s not just about coming up with a design solution that works but, rather, about results that add value without costing ‘an arm and a leg’!

I work with architects, project managers, quantity surveyors, civil and structural engineers and other professionals to provide exceptional engineering outcomes. I help clients to undertake remote hospital redevelopments, design state-of-the-art aged care facilities, and create consistency in the design of major retail chains. Over the years, I have seen that what is critical for most clients. For example, minimising lost floor space to house the building services, always being flexible in what is documented vs what is built, and balancing the capital and operational costs.

I constantly remind myself that it’s important to get started well. The concept and feasibility stages entail preliminary planning to ensure the project will be successful. Part of this is considering outcomes in both a technical, and financial sense.

My specialisations

Every project is different and I take time to determine what is needed, in terms of strategy and deliverables, to make each project a success. In most cases assessments are flexible and changes as the project progresses. This is “design development”. Ultimately the ‘deliverables’ will enhance the project with an outcome that exceeds expectations.

I’m at my best when I’m assisting with key project drivers:

  • Resources and planning.
  • Concept, feasibility and budget.
  • Execution and delivery.

I start by selecting a team for project rather than selecting a project for the team. I then allocate time and program the work. Only once these fundamentals are addressed, can the project begin.

My key project experience

I have experience across a variety of sectors. I worked on large health projects from 2008 to 2012. I also have good experience in the retail, aged-care, education, commercial and industrial sectors. Some of my recent key projects include:

  • Perth Children’s Hospital where I was ‘State’s Advisor – Electrical” from pre-design through to completion for this $1.2-billion project that will be the benchmark for other hospitals for years to come.
  • Laura Johnson Aged Care Home (Mt Isa) where I led the DMA Engineers team for a new 150-bed facility.
  • Coles Alderley, a $30-million suburban shopping centre, where I led the DMA Engineers team.
  • Department of Education and Training (DET) schools roll-out 2017-2018. I have led the DMA team for a number of schools that are expanding as part of the DET’s funding for advancing schools. This includes the West End State School which is land-locked, so a police depot on neighbouring land is being converted to achieve the desired expansion outcome.

My qualifications

I hold a technical diploma and registration with Engineers Australia.

Professional Memberships, including any committee positions

  • Engineers Australia Membership Number 3559483
  • Leading Aged Services Australia committee member LASA Property and Development Group

What creating inner beauty means to me

Outer beauty is important, but inner beauty is essential because, as in life, the depth of beauty really matters. Outer beauty without inner beauty results in superficial outcomes that just will not work.