DMA has been responsible for the services fit-outs on numerous expansions, new stores and refurbishments for supermarket giant Coles.
Ongoing relationship demonstrates DMA’s value add

DMA has a longstanding relationship with Coles and our ability to successfully follow their client brief to deliver a scope of works ranging from refurbishments, expansions and constructions has led to repeat work and seamless knowledge transfer from project to project. The professional services DMA has provided across these jobs has varied from traditional design and document, design and construction tender as well as peer reviews and audits which has enabled DMA to tackle each new job with a deep understanding of the client and deliver continuous improvement.

Working across a large-scale project like a supermarket is not without its challenges. The most common issue DMA faced while working for Coles was coordinating with other disciplines and other members of the broader project team. The coordination issues are particularly present in plant rooms and on the ceiling space with signage, lighting and fire detection, as well as within refrigeration areas. This presented an opportunity for DMA to utilise modelling technology to improve planning and transparency across the project while reducing costly delays.

Overcoming coordination challenges with advanced software solutions

To ensure coordination was seamless and efficient, DMA took an active step in maximising Building Information Modelling (BIM) software when modelling Coles’ jobs. DMA utilised Autocad and when required, REVIT to get a visual model of the stores and everything inside. This was used for modelling the ceiling space within a Coles shopping centre. Signage can significantly affect the lighting within a supermarket and can impose shadowing. DMA would calculate the lighting distribution in programs such as AGI32 and would include sign locations to model the real-life Coles. Signage also has the potential to affect the sprinkler system set up, and modelling allowed DMA to determine a workable design in advance.

BIM removes construction delays

DMA has worked with long-term client Coles on a wide range of stores which has allowed our team to bring sound knowledge and experience to each new project. DMA reduced on-site coordination issues and delays by utilising BIM which has ensured jobs are clearly planned, understood and delivered to the highest quality.

Client: Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd

Location: Various locations across Queensland.

Sector: Retail Chains

Services: Electrical, Mechanical, Fire and Hydraulics

Status: Continuous relationship

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