Petbarn and Greencross Vets needed to standardise their electrical services design and layout across all their stores and vet clinics. DMA Engineers was engaged to complete the electrical services generic documentation package which would be rolled out nationwide.
A consistent approach to enhance customer experience and deliver cost savings.

The client wanted a design and construction electrical design brief and generic layout to maintain consistency and suitability across their new stores. Our recommended design had to be as accurate and specific as possible so it could be used across multiple projects nationwide. We were also involved in the feedback loop to capture any updates that were required to better suit the locations operationally.

A fit-for-purpose layout

Our team provided design and documentation for the Petbarn retail area and the grooming and pamper care area for Greencross Vet tenancy covering the following electrical services:

  • Lighting: we incorporated the varying types of Petbarn store lighting requirements into the design. The veterinary areas required medical standard lighting to ensure medical examinations and procedures could be completed with complete visibility. In comparison, the lighting throughout the shopfronts was coordinated with all the structural and signage features and designed to highlight the display product features.
  • Power: we ensured Petbarn’s generic power requirements for its store areas were accounted for in the brief, while allowing for variables that may occur due to the different sizes of the veterinary facilities at the different locations. The stores generally require power for cash registers, refrigeration and power outlets whereas the power requirements for the attached veterinary facilities vary from washing machines and simple medical instruments all the way through to X-Ray machines.
  • Data: with data requirements similar from site to site, the designs outlined communication supply for all cash registers, Wi-Fi to the building, communication to all telephones and any office or administrative facilities.
  • PA: the PA systems in the design had the capabilities to play upbeat music throughout the store while allowing announcements to be relayed over the tracks if required.
A uniform approach with the flexibility for future updates

By spending some time and taking extra care in developing a one-size-fits-all set of documents to be applied across multiple locations, the client will benefit longer term from cost savings associated with design and consultancy fees. In the event of the standardised approach not suiting a particular store or location, the client has the confidence of knowing our team is always available to take ownership of the design, make amendments where required and work out any ongoing issues or updates. Our deep understanding of the challenges the client faces means our recommendations are always carefully considered and effective when put into practice.

Client: Greencross

Location: Various across Australia

Sector: Animal Health

Services: Electrical

Status: Complete, ongoing

Year completed: 2016-Present

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