Asahi Beverages (Schweppes) Factory Wulkuraka Refurbishment and Extension

Asahi were extending their existing production facility and required a consultant to design the electrical services for the extension. The extension was more than doubling the factory site from 5,000m2 to around 11,000m2.
Overcoming design challenges with food and drink production

With a focus on food and drink packaging at the facility, there were a number of major design challenges that had to be taken into consideration. All services had to be deliberately designed so as to not contaminate the products. For example, light products needed to be appropriately sealed.

Given this was an existing factory, the design had to be appropriately staged as to limit the disruption to the facility which operated 24 hours a day.

Due to the nature of sugar storage, there was several rooms that were rated as hazardous areas. For these rooms, the services had to be designed appropriately as to not produce any ignitions that could cause explosions. We were able to successfully address these challenges to develop a design that was both safe and reliable.

The design scope

DMA produced an electrical services design and documentation with the following scope:

  • New LED lighting to the new 10-metre-high factory area.
  • Site main switchboard design used to feed all new and existing areas including large production equipment.
  • Coordination of power supplies to the large process DB’s.
  • General lighting and power requirements for the new/refurbished areas of the factory (including hazardous areas).
  • Exit and emergency lighting.

New office fit out within the refurbished spaced in the existing facility.

Staged implementation to ensure ongoing operations

DMA provided the client with a practical and functional design that allowed the client to successfully stage the implementation, allowing the facility to remain operational. We proactively problem solved throughout the design phase to ensure that the appropriate safety considerations were applied, removing the risk of ignition in hazardous areas such as using plant and hardware that would not contaminate the end product.

CLIENT: Commercial and Industrial Property Pty Ltd

LOCATION: Ipswich, Queensland.

SECTOR: Industrial

SERVICES: Electrical

STATUS: Complete


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