Mazda Showroom 99 Breakfast Creek Road

With the redevelopment of a number of adjacent car showrooms and other nearby retail stores on Breakfast Creek Road, Eagers Mazda identified a need for a new showroom to meet the changing streetscape of Newstead.
Mazda Showroom Breakfast Creek

DMA Engineers were engaged by McKerrell Architects to undertake the Hydraulics, Mechanical and Electrical design services for the new showroom. We have a long and successful track record working with the team from McKerrell Architects, including work on a number of car showrooms such as the Newstead Jag and Land Rover Showroom.

To attract buyers, modern car showrooms are increasingly luxurious in their fit out and design. High levels of coordination are required to achieve these finishes, which include concealing building services to ensure a luxury aesthetic is achieved. A key element to the smooth and successful design process on the Mazda Showroom was having the initial detailed services coordination undertaken in-house by the DMA team in the 3D Revit platform.

A challenge for the project was designing around the existing structural slab with very limited room for services within the basement level. We were able to successfully fit the required building services through the detailed services coordination design process which allowed us to find any services clashes so no surprises were found on site. This ensured the construction team were able to stay on track, and deliver the program on time.

Client: McKerrell Architects for Eagers Retail
Location: Newstead, QLD
Sector: Commercial
Services: Hydraulics, Mechanical, Electrical
Project value: $5M
Year Completed: 2020

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