Quadrant Apartments, 428 Hamilton Road, Chermside

The Quadrant Apartments located at 428 Hamilton Street in Chermside are an 84-unit apartment development by the Brisbane Housing Company. The building comprised studio units as well as one and two-bedroom apartments suited to a range of residents with varied living requirements.
Low cost accommodation needs cost conscious construction

The development was a low budget apartment block that could primarily provide housing for a lower socio-economic demographic. With this in mind, the client required a cost-effective job that minimised the construction, maintenance and running costs while providing an appealing place for future residents to live.

Standardised apartment fixtures to maximise cost savings

To keep costs at an absolute minimum, our team identified certain areas of the design that could be rationalised to achieve the clients’ goals and targets. A major feature of the design was following a strict brief that detailed the standardised fixtures to be used throughout the complex, which ensured economies of scale could be achieved.

Like any commercial building, there were many features that would be universal across all units. These included access control, CCTV, intruder detection, remote alarm monitoring and electronic access. Our design allowed for metering of all communal areas and then individual metering of each apartment. The development was also energy efficient with only a few select areas being lit 24 hours, seven days a week and motion sensors installed in staircases and access corridors in a bid to save energy.

Quality and affordable apartments

Our team met the brief and the client’s expectations by following their instructions to the letter, meaning there were no unexpected surprises or cost overruns. The developer benefited immensely from DMA’s ownership and transparency – they knew exactly what they could expect from the design and got exactly what they wanted from our specification and documentation. The finished result was a modern and comfortable apartment complex that met the needs of its target residential market.

Client: Brisbane Housing Company

Location: Chermside, Brisbane

Sector: Residential

Services: Electrical, Mechanical, Fire protection and Vertical Transport

Status: Complete

Project value:

Year completed: 2012

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