VIDEO: Reduce drain blockages with vacuum drainage.
VIDEO: Reduce drain blockages with vacuum drainage.

Can drainage go uphill without causing blockages? It sure can!

Recently our Hydraulic design team visited a vacuum drainage manufacturer and Rory O’Malley took this video to demonstrate how it works.

Keep your eyes on the red rag. In a conventional drainage system, an item like this would normally cause a blockage at the first drainage bend or junction. But with the vacuum drain, which is a pressurised system, it passes right through.

Since 2018, AS3500.2 Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage has included a section on vacuum drainage systems that can be installed within building deemed to satisfy. Vacuum drainage offers several cost saving benefits to projects, particularly where inground or underslung drainage is difficult to install within existing buildings., and they also cause less disturbance to surrounding floors within a building.

If you’re interested in finding out more about using vacuum drainage on your next building project, get in touch with Rory at


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