Coomera City Centre Stage 3

Coomera City Centre is a neighbourhood shopping precinct servicing the rapidly growing region of Upper Coomera, located between Brisbane and the Gold Coast in Queensland. The area is expected to house approximately 65,000 residents when fully complete, so demand for retail services in the area is high.

As part of the Stage 3 development, the client was seeking to extend the existing shopping precinct to include a supermarket and a range of speciality shops with a total floor space of 7,500 square metres.

Coordinated design approach (using BIM)

DMA Engineers was engaged to provide all building services for the development – fire protection, mechanical, electrical, and hydraulics. Some of the features of our design included:

  • Producing a full mechanical system design that met all specific client requirements and Australian standards.
  • Providing the client with a comprehensive and accurate model of the design, giving a clear picture to the client of the end product to ensure it met their design vision.
  • Designing a 150mm internal fire hydrant ring main around the site to effectively save the owner money and site space for a fire hydrant pump room.

The project was fully designed and coordinated using Autodesk® Revit® software to model the building services in collaboration with the architectural and structural designs. This approach offered an easy to build design and allowed efficient communication between the project team including the builder and contractors. By utilising these tools, as well as well as comprehensive 3D models, potential problems could be identified easily and quickly before they became a major issue, saving the client and all other consultants time and money.

Cost effective outcome and on-time delivery of the project

By coordinating the design using BIM, the client and builder benefited from:

  • Reduced project duration due to reduction in rework and changes that are required.
  • increased confidence that the project would be completed within the required time frame and to budget.

The project was completed on time and to budget in November 2017.

Client: Lewani Springs Resort Pty Ltd

Location: Upper Coomera, QLD

Sector: Retail

Services: fire protection, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic services, Virtual Design Centre

Status: Completed November 2017

Project value: $20m Approx.

Year completed: 2017

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